What Are the Legal Alternatives to Marijuana?

While marijuana has been the world’s best “go to drug” for people seeking to enjoy the cerebral buzz as well as therapeutic benefits that comes with powerful drugs, stringent government regulations have ensured that access to it remains as difficult as possible.

Among other such drugs, the war on marijuana has been at the heart of most government efforts towards combating drug use among the populace, attracting millions of dollars in funding each year.

This raises the question of whether there are legal alternatives with similar benefits as weed but that comes with less aggression from the government. Fortunately, there are.

Here is a list of legal alternative to marijuana:


Sourced from Mexico, Damiana is most likely cannabis’ most popular alternative. Dried damiana resembles ground-up bud.With this, it is commonly used as a herbal smoking mixture’s base, and can also be used in stretching out someone’s stash.

Damiana can be smoked or vaped in a water pipe to give a cannabis-like euphoria that lasts up to one and a half hours. You can also drink Damiana as tea, or soak it in liquor to provide a better aphrodisiac effect.

Just like marijuana, Damiana can be used as an aphrodisiac, a tonic, and an anti-depressant.


A great mild-tasting smoke with a relaxing aroma, Marihuanilla is smoked in Chiapas. Marihuanilla can also be used as a natural remedy for females when coupled with traditional Chinese medicine. It helps to relieve heart tonic, stress, pain, and insomnia. Marihuanilla can also be taken to act as a relaxing medicinal tea.

Klip Dagga

Commonly referred to as ‘Mota”, Klip Dagga is common to Mexicans and African tribesmen. The leaves of Klip Dagga are brewed as tea to offer relief to malaria, fever, coughs, and womb prolapse.

By vaping or smoking the leaves and flowers of Klip Dagga, you will get a euphoria similar to that of marijuana. This lasts for approximately one hour.

Wild Dagga

Known for inebriating and euphoric effects, Wild Dagga is a renown legal alternative to weed. However, Wild Dagga is commonly combined with weed to give a more durable effect, this can only happen in states where weed has been legalized.

The effects of Wild Dagga are more prominent when smoking in social situations, and this makes it a great smoke alternative for parties and dancing. Wild Dagga has over time been used as a form of traditional medicine to treat several conditions like fevers, snakebites, coughs, headaches, and female complications.

Every Herb is Unique!

Even though no single herb can precisely replicate all marijuana’s incredible benefits, the above herbs will offer close to similar benefits. These herbs are readily available for sale and will keep you out of legal trouble.

Rick Ritzman

I gained an interest in the medical aspects of Cannabis at a young age. This led me to pursue undergraduate studies in neuroscience, agriculture and a Ph.D. in pharmacology. I have performed research in several therapeutic areas, including cancer, immunology, and pain.

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