How To Prepare For Urine Drug Test

The days when drug tests were a routine only for players who participated in high profile games are over. Conducting drug tests have become very common now, not only by insurance companies to rule out driving under influence but also by a good majority of employers who have their prospective employees undergo drug test. This is to ensure that employees refrain from using drugs so safety at workplace is not compromised. The most common method employed by companies is urine analysis for drugs. If you are due for urine drug test, here are some important tips on how to prepare for the same.

If you are wondering when to start this, you need to start it right from the moment you hear about your drug test. The more time you have, the better prepared you can be.

Knowledge Is Strength

To prepare for anything, you need to know what to expect. Now that you are going to have a urine drug test on a specific date knowing how this is done will help you prepare better so there will not be last minute hiccups.

You will given a plastic cup to get your urine sample. You will be asked to use the toilet in the testing room. On collecting your urine sample, the lab will examine the color, odor, temperature of the urine. The lab will look for drug residues. Even if the sample shows no residues, the lab will also ensure that there has been no adulteration or tampering the urine.

No Drugs, Temporarily

If you expect to pass your urine drug test, the first move you should take would be to stop taking drugs till you are done with your test. A drug test picks up traces of drugs in your system, and hence you need to ensure that there is none left. The best way you could do this is to stop taking drugs immediately so you can focus on flushing out the residues of drugs you had already taken.

Know Where You Stand

Knowing the present level of detectable THC in your system will help you create a plan that will work. Purchase strips that test THC levels from stores. Test your first urine of the day as it presents the exact picture. Note down the reading. If it is negative, you are fine to carry on with what you are doing at present, that is, no drugs till test. If you test positive, start on your remedies, to begin with, drink more water to dilute your urine. Check again at night. If the reading shows some promise, you know how to proceed.

Drink More Water

Increase water intake as it helps to dilute your urine and flush away drug residues. It is recommended to drink up to 10 glasses of water per day. However, do not exceed 128 ounces of water in any given day.

Add To Your Liquid Intake

Drinking diuretics help to flush your system. Drinks including coffee and tea can help here. For a healthier option, go for cranberry juice. Increasing intake of diuretics is best done after professional advice in those with health issues including diabetes and kidney problems.

Create A Diet Plan

Your diet complements your efforts to pass a urine drug test. Hence, it is recommended to include foods that support your goal and exclude every food that can negatively impact the outcome. Have juices from fresh vegetables to eliminate THC from your system. Have more of lemon juice and cucumber juice to cleanse your system super fast. Include fiber-rich foods and fatty foods in your diet.

Foods you should avoid include:

  • Processed foods, which slow down the process of detoxification
  • Poppy seeds
  • Medications for cold, hay fever and sleeplessness
  • Hemp seeds


If you have not been exercising, this is the right time to start. Exercise increases your metabolism and burns fat cells faster. The more fat cells you burn the quicker does the body eliminate THC from the system. Do some walking and jogging every day. Do pushups, squats, and sit-ups in your session. Exercise for about 45 minutes every day till two days before the due date of drug test. This helps the body’s metabolism to return to normal levels so there is no suspicion.

While you go about all these, keep testing your urine once every day to see how far you have improved. A better picture gives you confidence and motivates you, and a low-performance outcome makes you go all out, so you pass the drug test.

On the day of drug test, increase water intake and pee as much as you can. This will help with detoxification till the moment you step in for urine drug test. Collecting midstream urine may be a myth, but you don’t lose anything by collecting it for the sample. After all, all you need is to work had towards your goal with confidence.

Rick Ritzman

I gained an interest in the medical aspects of Cannabis at a young age. This led me to pursue undergraduate studies in neuroscience, agriculture and a Ph.D. in pharmacology. I have performed research in several therapeutic areas, including cancer, immunology, and pain.

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