Why Do Companies Drug Test for Marijuana If It’s Legal?

Of the 31 states that allow medical marijuana use, 11 have statutes that explicitly ban employment discrimination against the users of medical marijuana. These are Arizona, Delaware, New York, Nevada, Minnesota, Arkansas, Rhode Island, Illinois, Connecticut, Maine, and Pennsylvania. As of now, 10 states have legalized the recreational use of Marijuana. This means that at […]

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Top 5 Detox Drinks for Passing Urine Drug Test

There are many detox drinks available on the market which supposedly clean your body completely. Knowing how to navigate from all the options is important to successfully pass a drug test. A good detox drink can ensure that your body is cleansed of any traces of drugs or unwanted toxins. There are really just a […]

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Best 24-Hour Detox Drink for Drug Test

Organizations remain at the front-end battling office place drug abuse. At the back end are employees fighting back to cheat the drug test. In between is an intense war. The subtle officer with a passionate side is fighting within him/herself to end addiction. It is neither healthy for an organization to employ a person who […]

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How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test in 24 Hours

Mouth swab drug tests have gained popularity among those seeking to detect drug use. This is mainly due to the convenience and accessibility of taking a saliva sample rather than urine or blood tests which are more invasive. It is also the test of choice for economic reasons as mouth swabs are less expensive than […]

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How To Pass A Drug Test While Being Watched

This article will show you how to beat the odds by following a step by step process on how to pass a drug test while being watched. There are three options to pass while being watched: using synthetic urine with whizzinator, diluting urine, and using detox kits. Using Synthetic Urine with whizzinator What is a […]

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Can you use bleach to cheat the drug test?

Bleach is a chemical compound used in cleaning and laundry to disinfect, sanitize, to remove stains. The main ingredient is sodium hypochlorite. Bleach can be found in liquid and powder forms. It has also been used to contaminate urine samples to pass a drug test. Ingredients A small amount of either liquid or powdered bleach, […]

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How To Use Midol To Beat Urine Drug Test

Midol is an OTC drug that contains three active substances: acetaminophen (500 mg), caffeine (60 mg) and pyrilamine maleate (15 mg). It is used to relieve symptoms related to menstrual periods, such as pain and cramps. [2] Midol can also be used off-label to help people who have used drugs mentioned above to pass urine […]

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Can Visine Eye Drops Help You Cheat Drug Test?

Eye drops are a popular ingredient used to contaminate urine samples for drug screenings directly. Ingredients Needed One bottle of eye drops, usually less than ten dollars per bottle Methodology Conceal the bottle of eye drops in your pocket, and when you leave the urine sample, discreetly place a couple of drops of the solution […]

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