Can you use bleach to cheat the drug test?

Bleach is a chemical compound used in cleaning and laundry to disinfect, sanitize, to remove stains. The main ingredient is sodium hypochlorite. Bleach can be found in liquid and powder forms. It has also been used to contaminate urine samples to pass a drug test.


A small amount of either liquid or powdered bleach, usually less than five dollars per bottle or box.

What to do

A small amount of liquid or powdered bleach is concealed on the person who is to give the urine sample, which then mixes it into the urine, making sure to mix it well. One particular method suggests hiding some bleach powder under your fingernails when you are called to leave the urine sample.


Bleach is known to be corrosive and can cause severe burns to the skin, and severe irritation and damage to the eyes – so hiding powdered bleach under your fingernails where your skin is particularly sensitive is going to be an extremely poor idea.

The fumes can also irritate your respiratory tracts, causing coughing and aggravating conditions like asthma, bronchitis, and obstructive lung diseases.

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This is important

Various rumors on the internet putting bleach in a capsule and drinking it will help you pass a urine drug screen. Do not attempt this method under any circumstance. Ingesting even a small amount of bleach can cause internal burns to your respiratory and gastrointestinal tract, nausea, vomiting, and can be fatal. Do not ingest bleach under any circumstance.

Adding bleach to a urine sample will not help you pass a urine drug screening, although it may render the sample useless for testing.


While you may render the urine sample unfit for testing, there are a couple of drawbacks to this method. First, there is the danger that you may be caught tampering with the urine – and bleach’s potent smell is not going to help in this matter.

Second, even if you are successful in rendering the sample unfit for testing, you haven’t passed the drug screening either – which makes it likely that you will have to undergo a second drug screening, this time under suspicion that you tampered with the first sample. Third, there is the potential that the testers will be able to detect the bleach in your urine.


The drawbacks of contaminating a urine sample with for a urine drug screening outweigh the potential benefits: Bleach is a corrosive irritant – meaning it can irritate or burn any part of your skin it touches.

The strong fumes and odor not only make it difficult to conceal on your person but can also irritate the eyes and respiratory tract, inducing coughing and exacerbating any conditions you might have such as asthma.

The potential benefit – rendering a urine sample useless for testing, may have some temporary benefits, but if you’re called back to repeat the urine drug screen, it’s probably going to be under suspicion of tampering.

You also have to take into account that the testing facility may have the capabilities to detect the bleach in your urine – which is another way you could be caught tampering with the sample.


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