Can Visine Eye Drops Help You Cheat Drug Test?

Eye drops are a popular ingredient used to contaminate urine samples for drug screenings directly.

Ingredients Needed

One bottle of eye drops, usually less than ten dollars per bottle


Conceal the bottle of eye drops in your pocket, and when you leave the urine sample, discreetly place a couple of drops of the solution (the actual number of drops varies) into the sample.

Side Effects / Possible Interactions

Because you are not taking the eye drops internally (which you should not do), there are not any side effects or possible interactions, which would be one of the benefits of this potential treatment.

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Scientific Evidence

While it is true that some ingredients in some eye drops could alter the pH of your urine, this could put you at risk for false-positive results on urine drug screenings.

Need A Legal and Reliable Way To Pass Your Drug Test?

Following solutions are equally effective. Each is targeted at a different time frame.

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Besides the risk for actually creating the positive results you’re trying to avoid, the next problem with this remedy is that you have to define which eye drops, in particular, you are going to use, because the ingredients, even among the same brand names, vary wildly.

For example, the Ingredients in Visine Original are listed as tetrahydrozoline HCl 0.05%, benzalkonium chloride, edetate, boric acid disodium, sodium borate, purified water, and sodium chloride, yet the ingredients listed for Visine Totality are glycerin 0.2%, hypromellose 0.36%, tetrahydrozoline HCl 0.05%, polyethylene glycol 400 1%, zinc sulfate 0.25%.

Clearly, although these are both eye drops offered by the same company, the ingredients are quite different, and that’s not even taking into account that there are dozens of companies that make eye drops, and each one of those companies is going to have numerous varieties, each with their unique ingredient list.

Although Visine specifically has been shown to have some beneficial effects, even in very low doses, in urine drug screenings, it has also been shown to have the opposite effect, making the drugs in your system even more detectable.

Another drawback to directly contaminating a urine sample is the possibility that although you may render the sample unusable, you may just be setting yourself up for a retest, and repeated tampering can only serve to put you under increased suspicion.


While contaminating a urine sample with eye drops does not put you at risk for the potential health risks and interactions with medications that other home remedies may, the variables with this particular remedy far outweigh any potentially positive outcome: The dosages for the procedure vary.

The ingredients in eye drops differ not only by brand, but by the specific formulas within the brands, so it is impossible to predict what outcome will be achieved when the procedure calls for “a few drops of eye drops.”

What outcome is probably the likeliest to help you pass a urine drug screening – changing the pH of your urine – can cause the exact opposite effect by resulting in positive results?

Another outcome could be that instead of passing the urine screening with a negative result, the various chemicals in the eye drops render the sample unusable, putting you at risk for retesting, and under suspicion for tampering with the urine sample.

While Visine, in particular, has shown some favorable effects on urine in drug screenings, it has also been shown to have the opposite effect by making the drugs in your system even more detectable.


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