Best 24-Hour Detox Drink for Drug Test

Organizations remain at the front-end battling office place drug abuse. At the back end are employees fighting back to cheat the drug test. In between is an intense war.

The subtle officer with a passionate side is fighting within him/herself to end addiction. It is neither healthy for an organization to employ a person who is or might suffer from substance abuse disorders.

Workforce substance abuse affects work morale, ruins an organization’s public image and hinders productivity. Drug tests are usually focused on identifying the presence of cocaine, marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, and phencyclidine (PCP).

Other tested drugs also include MDMA (ecstasy), propoxyphene, barbiturates, and benzodiazepines.

You could pass the drug tests.

How Detox Drinks Help to Pass the Drug Test

Drug tests are used to identify metabolites in urine. However, there are two types of detox drinks. The first detox drinks help flush out metabolites from the kidney. While the second detox drinks cause fat cells metabolism hiatus for up to 5 hours. For a drug test to result negative, metabolites concentration must be below the threshold level.

Hence, some of the detox drinks will as well dilute the urine to lower concentration of the metabolites. In this case, the concentration of metabolites goes below detectable level. The first type of detox drinks must be taken a few days before the drug test.

As a workaround, to avoid detection of the cleansers in urine; Manufacturers add vitamin B and creatines to the detox formulae to retain the natural texture, color, and odor of urine. Adding these highlighted components ensures urine appears natural.

The second variety of detox drinks is aimed at masking drug toxins rather than flushing them out and are suitable where one has to take a drug test within a very short duration. Either method has explorable options, and they could help you achieve your desired results.

Best 24-Hour Detox Drinks

Qcarbo 20 With Booster

Qcarbo 20 is a fast detox solution for passing any drug test. It is a fast-acting detox formula which is compelling enough to help you submit a clean urine sample within a few hours of notice.

The solution is designed for effective use by heavyweight and regular drug users as the solution contains super boast pills .

Also, Qcarbo 20 with the booster is fortified with 20 plus minerals, vitamins, and botanicals. Moreover, it is quite an ideal option as the solution should be used 1 -2 hours before taking the test.


  • It is Suitable for impromptu drug test notices.
  • Strawberry-mango and cran-raspberry flavors ensure good taste.


  • Requires that you urinate at least twice before taking the sample specimen.
How to Use Qcarbo with Booster
  1. Ensure your stomach is empty 1-2 hours before taking the test;
  2. Drink plenty of water – about 20 ounces;
  3. Time 20 minutes then drink a whole bottle of the Qcarbo plus and the four booster tablets;
  4. Time another 20 minutes and then drink another 20 ounces of water;
  5. Urinate several times, at least two or more times within the next few minutes. The results for the drug test are more satisfying when the Qcarbo is taken two hours before the test.

Notably, you should avoid any drug use for as long as you can before submitting to a drug test to avoid compromising the suitability of the desired result, and especially when using the Qcarbo plus Booster detox drink.

Fast Marijuana Detox Kit

Fast Marijuana Detox KitThe fast detox kit increases the rate and frequency of urination which is dependent on the scale of water intake in the body. Therefore, the detox kit entails a blended formula containing diuretics which flushes out accumulated metabolites which could have been caused by excessive use of marijuana.

Most marijuana abusers prefer fast detox kit because it diminishes the concentration of chemical compounds inside the urine. However, the method discourages taking in too much water mainly because plenty of water would dilute the urine to the extent that it would be easily noticeable.

The testing officer will, therefore, realize the tempered urine structure and demand for a re-test. The clean detox, unlike other detox drinks, maintains sufficient creatine levels of dilution, and THC levels that are enough to pass a drug test.


  • No water dilution required.
  • Maintains urine’s natural feel, texture, and color.
  • Effective for 5 hours.
  • Starts taking effect within 90 minutes.
  • The method is safe and healthy.


  • Not suitable for breastfeeding and expectant mothers.
  • Not suitable for persons with gall bladder or kidney disorders.
  • It might have some allergic effects on some users.
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How to Use the Fast Detox Kit

  • Since the fast detox kit is designed to be used on the test day, take water two hours into the test;
  • Wait 20 minutes and drink the fast detox;
  • Refill the empty fast detox bottle with water, after twenty minutes drink the water;
  • Urinate twice or more before the test.

Vale 4X

Vale 4x is more suitable for people with a large body mass. Overweight individuals and mostly who have been abusing substances.

It is a powerful detoxifying agent and takes effect within an hour of drinking and remains active for up to five hours.

Also, the agent provides you with the appropriate nutrients for healthy and safe detoxification as it contains a blend of vitamins and minerals that make it thin and simple to drink.

What makes the vale 4X detoxifying agent unique is that it is formulated with 50% less carbohydrate concentrate, unlike other detox drinks.


  • Takes effect within the shortest time frame – One hour
  • Lasts for five hours plus
  • Suitable for overweight individuals


  • Requires accurate timing.
  • Not suitable for people with average body weight

How to Use Vale 4X

  1. 1-2 hours to the test, drink a full bottle of vale 4X;
  2. Wait for at least 15 minutes before refilling the bottle with water and drinking it;
  3. Make sure you urinate at least 3-4 times before taking the test.


The Qcarbo32 is an adequate, satisfying cleansing agent which contains a blend of thiamin (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin, Creatine, Eliminex plus, Cyanocobalamin and Vitamin C.

The solution does not require any water intake. All you have to do is shake the bottle and drink. Qcarbo32 works by removing unwanted toxins from the urinary tract. The method will only take effect within one hour. Whereby, the solution will begin flushing out metabolites and remains active for 7 hours.

The one outstanding thing about Qcarbo32 is that it ensures total cleansing.

  • It lasts for seven hours.
  • It takes effect in as low as one hour.
  • It ensures total cleansing power.
  • It is grape flavored hence good for taste.


  • Test day use only
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Stinger 7-Day Detox

The stinger seven-day detoxifying solution cleanses your body from the following compounds; nicotine, cocaine, methamphetamines, alcohol, THC and other toxins that might have accumulated inside your body over the years.

If you do not like the taste of pills, tablets or capsules, the seven-day stinger detox could be a better option.

With a little number of teaspoons a day, the stinger solution works in line with the body’s metabolism to offer a permanent solution to your toxic cleansing needs. Overweight’s or those of 230 plus pounds are advised to take twice the dosage for them to achieve the desired results.

The seven-day stinger detox formula contains Vitamin B2 and seawater minerals and takes seven days to get rid of all the metabolites in your body.


  • Offers permanent solution
  • Suitable for people with heavy body weight


  • Not suitable for persons taking over the counter medical prescriptions
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How to Use Stinger 7- Day Detox

  1. Avoid taking any other prescriptions 48 hours before a dose of the stinger solution;
  2. Take one tablespoon every morning and another one every night before meals;
  3. You can take the dosage with juice or water;
  4. Ensure that you measure the detox dosage with a regular tablespoon.


To realize better test results, always ensure you abstain from any substance before test day. However, where the test comes with short notice, the above list of 24 hours best detox drinks could help you. Digest the information to make an informed decision.

The fast Detox kit should take first place because of its super quick frame of taking effect. When it comes to short notice drug tests, the stinger-7-day detox could be a better choice. The method is also suitable because it also maintains the natural texture of the urine.

When you are lost for choices, and you cannot figure out the best 24-hour detox drink, then the fast detox drink would be a possible option to help you cut through the red tape.

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I gained an interest in the medical aspects of Cannabis at a young age. This led me to pursue undergraduate studies in neuroscience, agriculture and a Ph.D. in pharmacology. I have performed research in several therapeutic areas, including cancer, immunology, and pain.

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